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The above document has been published as per legal requirement. Our privacy policy explains about that the collection of information and reason behind it. It is made in a simple manner so that it is clear to all.


By reading content on and using it regularly, you clearly show consent and confirmation to Top Vidya for gathering, upholding, consuming and revealing the information you have submitted in agreement with the above mentioned Privacy Policy.


Top Vidya will always strive for protecting the users' privacy on the website. Privacy of any registered is important to us and we are loyal to our customer's privacy at all times. It is our duty to keep your information (personal and other) protected. We therefore request our users to go through our privacy announcement so that they understand about the type of personally identifiable information we are collecting and how we are using this information. We are here to provide quality services to our users and sowe collect introductory personal information for identifying you and to know requirements in detail. Some services we provide may direct our users to third party domains and they have their own policies to deal with the information provided by you. We are not liable for the information which you are sharing on third party domains. So be cautious before you disclose your personal information and carefully read the privacy policy of other directed domains that you are visiting.

Type of info we collect from you

Personal Information

For those who are working professionally as a tutor, instructor or training institute they are required to register on .com. They need to provide their personal information including name, gender, phone number, email ID and password, address. You can share your photograph for better identification amongst other students. This type of information is published by us on the Website for the 'search' results. For students who want to connect with us, we collect the same info from you. We share this information with our Trainers for faster connection amongst the parties. For carrying out certain dealings, you need to submit your bank account details or credit/debit card and/or making use of a secure Third Party Payment Gateway source. Your bank details are neededifwe need to transfer money to you via NEFT and we keep this data strictly confidential. For accessing our website as a user you need to login with your email and password. You are given an option for saving your password with the website. We will not share your email and password with anybody. All other information submitted by you shall be kept as confidential and shall be owned by Top Vidya and shall be used only by us.We do not acquire information without your permission.WE DO NOT SELL your information.

Non-Personal Information

TopVidya collects information about browser type, your operating system, previous visited website URL,Internet service provider and your IP Address. The Non-personal information is required for the troubleshooting of connection problems, managing the website and finding about how visitors are using our website. We find out the number of visits,their length and the pages that are viewed etc. This information is needed for improving the performance of our site. You also agree that we may collect statistics and data from your usage of our Website for improving our services with the terms of the appropriate agreements between our website and user. These statistics will not have any information that can clearly recognize our user. In future we may share your non personal info with third party advertisers or service providers. This is done for measuring the efficacy of the company's content, and for other purpose. By using our Website you are expressly permitting Top Vidya to use such information.


Like other companies we utilize 'Cookies'which is a standard technology' and Web server needs to log for collecting information about the usage of our Website. Cookies are bits of information stored by your browser the computer's hard drive and are only read by the server placing them. These Cookies permit Web servers for recognizing your computer when you return to .com. It also includes the date, pages viewed and time of visits, time spent at the website. Cookies are automatically accepted by most web browsers. You can control the cookies by changing options on your browsers or by making use of certain software program. We appreciate and support your blocking of any internet activity, but blocking our cookies can disable you to use certain services which are available on our Website.

Session Data

This data is automatically recorded generic information about your internet connection with computer. IP address, operating system, browser software details are session data. It makes us easy to evaluate things for e.g. products that visitors click most, the manner of clicking, how many visitors surf to various pages on the site, time spent by them and frequency of their visit. We can find out problems with our servers and administer our systems in a superior way. We can determine from an IP address a visitor's ISP and his geographic location.


We may add or improve products or services that are available on our Website. For e.g.we use your personal information to respond to your query. We may also publish it to make the site better.

Promotional Initiatives

Our presence on social networking websites is for promotion and to invite registrations and users located in different parts of the country. We are on, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube etc. TopVidya fully disclaims any obligation(s) or claim(s) that may arise by use/misuse of your comment, suggestions, views, etc. on any websites or blogs, by any third party.

How does TopVidya guard my Personal Information?

TopVidya is devoted to safeguard the privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. When we obtain any kind of personal information from you, we make efforts to protect it from illegal access or revelation. Your information can be accessed only by TopVidya's personnel and its authorized third parties who. We strive constantly for maintaining all types of safeguards such as physical, electronic or technical to protect your information. However, we assume no liability for any disclosure of personal information from third party access.

What about the protection of content posted by the users?

The content posted on our Website, including the profile page info, the uploaded images on Website, may be accessed by other users (registered or unregistered). By making your content open to public we enhance provide you a podium where you can interact with other users. However, the content/images posted on our Website may be misused by an unknown party. TopVidya fully disclaims any liability (ies) or claim(s) in this regard. It is our urge that you take care while interacting with other users and do not assume that the shared content will be kept reserved by any unknown party.

How TopVidya uses the information that it collects?

The information that you are providing to us is used by us and/or authorized third parties/service partners in order to provide our Services. Once you submit your personal information to us, you expressly allow TopVidya to make use of such information as per TopVidya. We can conduct data analysis; transfer it to authorized third party experts for outsourcing services that are offered to you by us.

Any security precautions are taken in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information? If yes,what are they?

TopVidya makes sensible efforts for preserving the confidentiality and secrecy of the information that have shared with us. Standard measures are taken by us to give protection against illegal access to your personal information. However, there is no such Internet site that can fully remove security dangers.

We are reserving the right to reveal your information without consenting you and without any liabilities to you when it is required lawfully and it is our confidence that such action is needed to fulfill the law enforcement investigation or process served on us. We need to take precautions to conform to the legal requirements whenever required. It is our duty to defend the rights of the website owners of TopVidya, and person(s) or company (ies) providing support services to us.

How TopVidya addresses children's privacy?

The visitor of TopVidya must be at least 18 years old. Children below 18 years of age are not allowed to register on our Website. You can contact us at if you think your child has disclosed personal information to us,

More queries about privacy policy

Please email us at regarding this Privacy Policy, the practices of, or your transactions with us.

Any change in TopVidya's privacy policy to be expected in the future?

This policy shows a general statement about the ways in which TopVidya will protect your personal information. However, you may be provided with privacy policies or statements with certain products that substitute or add to this policy. Changes can be made by us in the terms and conditions of this policy from time to time, without your consent. The revised policy will be active straight away after posting to our web site if not mentioned. You need to check the website from time to time.

Any complaint/concern?

Please write to

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