Children are the future of our nation. And not only their parents, but we, the existing generation are having the duty to take the proper care of them by giving a good education. We are having the duty to nurture their talents as well as make their all dreams come true with giving them the platform, opportunity and full space. Children are just like flowers and stars with full of energy, talents and so many possibilities. We can find them everywhere. But unfortunately, only few of them can make their path for the future.

Now, this is the time to take a look on those unprivileged talented children who have been unable to opt for the opportunities for so many reasons. We, at have taken the pledge to give them the platform and world of possibilities, so that they can make their own way to future with less difficulty. With this mission, has taken a step forward by launching Eprime.

As we at are only on the mission to provide good and smart education over the world, Eprime is just another contribution to that pledge. It is a franchise plan to give the offer and the opportunity to them who are just like us with the will to spread the education with simple, moderate but smart way. Eprime is a computer center franchising by TopVidya.vom. We are hereby gladly want to invite business owners to take part in our noble venture by taking this franchise.

Having a computer center franchise will require most proprietors to learn different technical methods, including specialized backing and equipment installation help to every one of the general population and organizations. As computer center franchise is tied down with internet and information technology, which implies that people will be searching for the most top notch infrastructure with latest and modern facilities. Eprime, is there to provide you all the mentioned facilities in every step you will require.

You as the franchiser just need to fulfil the basic requirements like area, capability to invest the amount and the will power. You also need to be able to approach people creatively. The rest will provide We are here to help you in all the step you will be required forward.

Eprime, is going to start a noble project and in this mission we need the support and manpower all the way. So we are feeling very happy to invite you to take part and help us in the pledge. Contact us for more enquiry and details about the franchise.

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Notifications:Applications for 6 locations out of first 15 closed now.Applications open now for State U.P. , Bihar , MP and Karnataka.

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